SUB EDITOR WILL NOT LOAD THE SUBS TONIGHT. "We're aware..." but twitter status says you are NOT!

Hi Kristie and ye boffins.


Tried to load 7 Jumong to do a final edit on it and it will not come up.

10 minutes later, still "trying to load, we know about it" message.  Does not appear to be something you guys know according to the Twitter Status so I am reporting it...and well...okay. :)


I can completely take a night off from the perpetual editing here.  I guess? 


Please let us know when things have come back up.  Thanks. :)





  • I got a couple of sections of one episode done tonight finally - but the tools and things like language locks load very slowly.  I'm guessing there may still be some server lag or other issue behind this, so I am letting you know.  It took a couple of seconds for things to come up to lock the episode which is much slower than I recall.  

    Thank you. :)

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