Suggestion: allow users to access saved collections on Roku or create a "Watchlist" or "Watch Later" option.

I created a personal "to watch" list that I saved as a collection on Viki's website but was disappointed to find I am unable to access it on my Viki Roku channel.

WHAT: It would be great to either be able to access one's saved collections on the Roku platform, or if there were some other way users could create some kind of personal (private) watchlist that is accessible there.

WHY: Personally, this would make managing (and remembering!) the shows I would like to watch much easier.

WHERE: On the Roku channel, I would suggest allowing users to access their collections in the same area where they can access their "favorited" shows. Or, if you were to create a separate "watchlist" feature, add it to the top menu bar where content is categorized as "Korean," "Japanese," etc. I would like to see it as the first option up there as it would be what I'd access most frequently.

Thanks for listening to my suggestion!



  • I can't figure out how to organize the shows I'm following other than deleting and then adding individual shows.  I went on my computer and made like 6 private collections of shows to try to organize what I am watching or want to watch.  I was disappointed when I went to Roku and found no way to access these collections.  I would love to be able to access my collection on Roku.

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  • They need to have this available on firestick too!

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  • Yes, I really need this feature for my FireTV since the follow button on the desktop version got removed.

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