[Closed] Your House Helper page freeze

I've noticed that the page freezes when you try to select "See All" for episodes. I've checked multiple other pages, but it doesn't do this to any of the other pages for Standard users or other Pass Plus pages. 

Also, the comments are locked out for the main and individual episode pages. (Not sure if that's intentional, but just noted.) This isn't really an emergency type issue, but figured I'd give a heads up. Thanks so much 



  • Uh oh...Just when I thought it was all good with just one page, it does this exact same thing to Come and Hug me page(s) as well. I've restarted my laptop, reloaded the pages and it still freezes for these 2 pages. 

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  • Hi marge_madness,

    Thanks for reporting this to us!

    I've emailed you requesting more information with regards to this issue. Please follow-up there.


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