[Closed] Cannot get full standard membership content via Amazon Fire stick.

Okay, I updated to a standard membership. I get extra content on my phone. I have no problem running movies and TV shows on my firestick connected to my TV. However, when I search for information on an actor, click on the actor, it takes me back to the home screen. On my phone it gives me all the details on the actor. I did the linking and everything. What is going on?



  • Hi rose_739,

    Sorry to hear you've been experiencing this issue on the Viki app on your Firestick device.

    As this might be an app issue, please try deleting and reinstalling the app on your Firestick to see if it helps to fix the problem.

    If you continue to experience problems after deleting and reinstalling the app, please let me know so that we can try to troubleshoot the issue!


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