[Closed] Subtitles randomly disappearing and re appearing

Randomly when I load an episode the English subs are missing but the Korean is there... Its ok on my mobile and then I hope back to the r p and they are there... Then I load the next episode and it's the same prob but ok on my phone... Ive had the prob since yesterday



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    Hey taylorconnie_958,

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with the English subtitles on our website.

    To help us troubleshoot the issue, could you do the following?

      1. At the bottom of the video player, next to the volume icon, go to Settings > Report Video Issues
      2. Check the relevant categories and write any additional details and click Submit. This will automatically send us useful information that will help us debug what might be causing the issue you're experiencing.

      Please reply to here after you submit the form to let us know. Also, a short video or screenshots of the issues you're experiencing would be very helpful to us!



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