[Closed] Videos not loading on my ipad

Videos are not loading on my iPad when asked to play



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    Hey cristal_cruz,

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with video playback on your iOS app.

    Could you first please try the following:

    1. Log out from the Viki app
    2. Delete and Reinstall the Viki app
    3. Log back in to Viki

    If this does not help resolve the issue, could you please provide me with the following helpful information:

    1. The specific shows and episodes you're having problems with (ex. "I Am Not a Robot" Episode 2)
    2. Your internet speed. To test this download this application and share the results: Apple
    3. Screenshot of the issue
    4. Are you experiencing any problems playing videos when you go to the viki.com website on your iPad?

    I look forward to helping you soon!


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