Do I need to be QC to subtitle on this channel?


My question is more general for fan channels and upcoming channels. 

1) Can we know if the channel will be available to QT, QC or QC gold? (Before license and in the case it's an upcoming channel?)

When normally should we know?

2) The situation we're encountering:

Portuguese people who want to contribute on a fan channel but who don't know if they need to be Qc?

We don't know if Portuguese speaking countries will get the license too.

▪If they get it, do they have to be QC? The channel is this one:

▪How can we recruit before it airs because moderators want to prepare their team now (and people are asking to participate now and before the team is too full (we can't have 50 subtitlers for one language))? What to do with new people who are not Qc but ask to contribute on a fan channel?

▪Are you planning to create something or a filter in explore function so we know which channel we need to be Qt, qc, qc gold?


Thank you!






  • That's a real problem! For Hwayugi, I had to say yes to many more people than I needed, because I didn't know how many of them would be able to view it after all.

    Same for I Am Not a Robot. Episode 0 (special) couldn't be viewed by anyone in Europe (and still cannot), so the CM contacted me to ask me if I wanted to step down from my position. I told her to wait until Episode 1 was uploaded, and then turns out that from Episode 1 onwards everything was OK. But we were on the edge for days. 

    Suppose I still couldn't access it, me and my team of 21 people. Suppose I stepped down. The CM would have to pick another Italian moderator (not living in Italy, presumably!), and this new person would have to recruit a team in one day, when most of the good ones are already taken even if you tell them 3-4 weeks beforehand. 

    Crappy situation. 

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