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Hi!. Im having problems to create a private watch party, Ive tried several times with two different series and couldn't do it. A friend had the same problem. I didn't knew who to inform it.

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    Hi marina_alejandra_wal_378,

    Thank you for writing to Viki Community Support!

    Please note the following when hosting a private watch party.

    At the moment:

    1. You can host Watch Parties on Viki with select drama series and movies only. Check if a show is available for your Watch Party by looking out for the Watch Party icon on the channel page. Of course, we are looking to expand the content variety available for private parties in the future.
    2. Only one video can be added to each watch party. To continue watching other videos, please create a new watch party.

    For more information about Private watch party, check FAQ: Viki Watch Party

    If you're still facing issues, please send the following information:

    • an exact description of the issue or problem when hosting a private watch party
    • screenshot showing the error
    • device details and operating system.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have questions.


    Viki Community Team Member

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