Implementing a new role - Subtitle Corrector

This is my second idea on the subject of subtitling quality and I think it would be welcome among volunteers. As I said in the previous idea, the quality of Romanian subtitles is very poor in most cases (sometimes is also the case of English subtitles). I will not repeat the whole story here, but I will ask you to read the other idea for a better understanding. Here is my first idea.

Since new movies and series are released continuously, volunteers will always be busy translating them. Therefore, the chances that they will return to correct many mistakes from previous projects are very small.

Therefore, I consider that the role of Subtitle Corrector (subtitle proofreader) would be welcome, especially among those who do not have much time, but would still like to contribute to the Viki platform.

They would take care of: filling in the missing letters, translating words that have not been translated, reformulating sentences to be morphologically correct, correct portioning of lines of text (here is a big problem - I have a very large TV and it is extremely unpleasant to see a line of text from one edge to another).

I would be willing to participate in the correction of subtitles, especially since it would be a very fast process because we do not completely redo a subtitle, but only revise it.




  • What you're describing in essence is the role of an Editor. In any other language asides from English, a Moderator should be the Editor for their language. Unfortunately, some people overestimate their capabilities and language knowledge, applying for a Moderator position whenever there is a vacancy. And a CM will not be able to notice bad subtitle quality and the need for proofreading.

    We have had many debates over the issue of subtitle quality in Viki Discussions over the years. To illustrate how complex this issue is, let me name a few Discussion threads here:

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  • And there was never an official response from Viki? This situation can be handled quite easily, if desired.

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  • I agree with the need for an 'editor'. Especially with the segmenting. I'm a pretty fast reader, but I've had sub titles flash across the screen and have to go back to find it. And because it literally 'flashes', sometimes I've had to go back several times. More often than not, it's not an important group of words, but I 'have' to know. Then there's the really long subtitle that runs across the screen for two whole lines. Then it's gone. And 'I' have to go back, because 'I' have to know.

    In reality, people do talk fast. But on screen, there's so much going on, besides the subs, that a viewer might get lost in the action behind the actors, especially in a mystery or action packed adventure.

    I have tried to be prepared with my fingers on PAUSE on the remote. And the sub is GONE! That is so annoying and frustrating. And I consider it time wasted trying to go back to find those long but fast words.

    THEN... there's the language barrier. I have difficulties following the pronoun as it is translated into English. He means man or boy. She means woman or girl. But even in the Synopsis, those pronouns get mixed up and I'm not certain if a character is male or female. Any help in this department would be greatly appreciated.


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