Adding more functions to Viki inbox



-Adding more functions to Viki inbox


-Function search: so we can type words

-Function "Create files" to tidy up mails

-Drafts, save drafts

-Repertory: our contacts that we add, like an icon to"follow someone", we would have an icon to "add to contact".

-Contact groups

-Possibility to send 1 message to Multiple recipient contacts.

-Object to a message



-Because this tool lacks functions to be used enough efficiently, time-friendly and user-friendly



Maybe, make another private tab, next to "Overview" on each profile: for exemple


Thank you!



  • I would also like to add (and this is not my idea, I just saw someone suggest it once)...

    • the ability to tag messages pertaining to a certain project and then...
    • have the option to the mailbox to automatically sort them into inbox subfolders of the same name.



    Message tag: [Suspicious Partner]

    Automatically sort into [Inbox] > [Suspicious Partner]

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  • It's like creating multiple posts to tell about the same problems we have with the inbox. I don't feel it would help more Viki staff in their work and finally, they'd just take more time to reunite together others' post, your post, and my post.

    If they gain time on this, they could answer other requests or finding solutions.

    Let's make it easier for them and also for us.

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