Let the real time on messages on Viki mailbox, on Viki Community Support topics



-Let the real time on messages on Viki mailbox, on Viki Community Support topics.


-Putting the date just next to "X minutes" ago for instance,

-On the mailbox home:

  • put filters: ascending/descending date, this week, last week, this month, last month
  • and having the possibility to see the exact date or "X days ago".



-Because it's more accurate

-Because sometimes, there are misunderstandings between people and it can finish badly, "I sent it first", "No, I sent it first" and both messages indicates "One week ago", "Why didn't you read my message before?", "It's because I was sleeping at 1 AM" and people don't live in the same time zone.

-Because when we go look previous messages, all indicates "One year ago", for example, how can we track for which month? I tried to find one at a particular period from last year, I had to go through a lot of them to finally find it => big gain of time.



Generally for every post and messages in Viki inbox.

On this page for exhttps://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/community/topics

Thank you!



  • I second this! Put the real time and complete date, as in every messaging program, every forum, everywhere.

    Filters are also a very important feature.

    TIME: I wouldn't like it to be "Last week, last month etc." but simply By date

    SUBJECT: I would also suggest introducing a subject for each post, and then the filter could also be by subject. This would enable us to quickly delete all the dozens of posts we send to our subbers/moderators about an episode being released, which clutter our Sent folder. 

    USER: Very very important is the ability to sort by user. Thus we can easily find all our interactions with a specific user.

    Just as in regular email clients: sort by date, by subject, by person.


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