[Closed] My Community page shows in Spanish not in English "again" / Pagina de Comunidad es en Espanol de nuevo, esto es no mi lingua/idioma!!

It worked for a while in English now it's all in Spanish, the entire page, I thought this issue I reported was fixed but I guess it's not.


I know I can change the language on the right bottom, just extra work. This must be also related to an unknown algorithm bug of who accessed the page as last or I have no idea, but the developers should know.

Thanks for fixing it. Gracias. 



  • Keeps happening lately to me as well.  I mean like JUST NOW to come check on another bug issue... my page went to Spanish.

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  • Hey guys,

    We've brought this up to the engineer's notice and he's looking into it.

    Will update once we find out more!


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  • Hello simi11 and kakashiandme,

    Sorry for the long wait with regards to this. I forgot to update this thread -_-||

    The engineer has made some fixes to the page's language settings and it shouldn't be switching around anymore.

    If you're still experiencing any problems with this, please let me know!


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