Correct price of Vikipass with the appropriate currency + secure payment logo


1. What?

-Correct price of Vikipass with the appropriate currency / or the price in dollars and in the foreign currency.

-Precise mentions: I don't know if each month the price will change according to the exchange rate $ / €. If I pay in dollars and the bank takes a commission for foreign operations or if I will pay in euros and no commission is taken.

-Secure payment logo


2. Why?

-Because it will be more professionnal,

-Because it will give the customer a correct and better information of the price.

-Customers might think that they have to pay in dollars

-They will feel more secure by buying in the same currency they usually buy and if there's a logo like in other online shops to buy through a secure process. If there are people under 18, parents will be more keen on buying on a secured website in the same currency.


3. Where?

On the vikipass page:

Thank you!



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