A new tab for "Fan channels" or a new tag "Fan channels" in Search Function and making explanations visible



-A new tab for "Fan channels" with countries picking possibility, or a new tag "Fan channels" in Search Function

-Explanation on the same page when we click on this new tab "Fan channels" or in the search function when we pick "Fan channels".

-Updating this article here: https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/articles/201439664-What-is-a-Fan-Channel- As a volunteer, I reread it twice to understand. For a viewer who doesn't have a past experience with this process of licensing or with "What Fan channels are", they might be lost by reading the article.


2. Why?

-Because I met people who didn't know what a fan channel is, who review channels badly because "Why there's no video or subtitles", because answering to the same comments every day is a waste of time on contributing. For working people, we don't have much time to spend on this, so often, we don't answer or we give a fast answer which is not enough clear or complete.

-Because it will make the process of asking license more meaningful and accurate if viewers were aware of this process and understand the utility of it. Viki will know with more accuracy what viewers on their website want and like with a more visible and explained licensing process.

-Because it will add more visibility for volunteers to ask to be part of the team. It will be easier for volunteers to see what fan channels are at one given moment, it will save us time to scroll through the big catalog of Viki, instead, we will contribute.

Also, it will give chance to everyone to ask to be part as moderators because before discovering this channel, maybe it took too much time and the position as moderator was already taken. It's a part of this visibility problem for viewers (license problem, "Why there is no video and there is no subtitles" problem, comments and lose time explaining), and for contributors ("I didn't know that you had this channel, "I didn't see this channel sooner")

3. Where?

Idea; on the blue container here and on the page of this new tab "Fan channels":

-a "pick country" to select what type of fan channels interests us and a

-give a small explanation about "Fan channels" here & add the license form here explaining its usefulness https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/

Or the other place would be here:


Thank you!



  • Love this suggention! I hope viki can do this asap <3

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