Video Playback Speed Option

Hello, I am a “Huge Fan” of Asian Dramas and Some Movies. The problem is I am ‘hard of hearing’, so most of the time I am using my hearing ability and ‘subtitles’ also in English. In years of watch most Asian cinema or shows, including movies and shows from India and Pakistan, and other Asian shows. I watch most Asian dramas from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and More. What I learn is most Asian Cultures speak very fast. This can be a problem for people like me who can’t hear well. So if they talk fast and subtitles goes fast its a problem. One of my favorite Asian apps “iQlYl” helps to fix this problem for people like me. It has a excellent user friendly application in every way. It offers subtitles, options or features for Blu-ray 4K, 1080 P, or M, 720 P or M, 480 P or M. Also my favorite feature is the speed option, 2.0x, 1.5x, 1.25x, 1.0x which is default and my favorite speed level is 0.75x. That is just some of the great features in this app. I started out with Rakuten Viki Several years ago, watching it on my tv, for the most part and on my device other times. Since then I found several other Asian apps I like. But so far “Viki” and” iQlYl” are my favorite. Please, please, please “Viki” upgrade and get with the program of the needs and convenience of your customers and clients in order to progress to be the best. I love Viki, it’s my first love of Asian dramas. But it look like soon “iQlYl” will win my favor with all the neat features band trimmings. Please fix this for me, and make a long time customer happy. Thank you Viki. With kind regards, Happy for Viki


  • I have same problem with video speed plz add video playback speed option

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