[Closed] Constant Buffering

I have been subscribing to VIKI for my mom for several years now. My mom is paralyzed due to an accident and lives in a nursing home. We play Viki dramas on an Apple TV Gen 4 box for her. What I initially liked is episodes are suppose to play automatically when previous episode is done. However, next episodes are not always playing automatically and many times buffers (blank screen with only spinning wheel). Someone then needs to manually select next episode and play which my mom can’t do since she is paralyzed . Last year, a VIKI representative was responsive and suggested connecting to Viki via Ethernet which I did. It worked initially but then started buffering again instead of going to next episode. This is happening to Jewel of the crown, Queen Insoo, Cruel Palace and many others. I have written several times since installing Ethernet and no response from VIKI. I have also cleared the cache by deleting and reinstalling VIKI as suggested and still have problems.


  • Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in to us!

    We have replied to you via the Help Center but if you still need any other assistance, please let us know directly there as well.


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