[Closed] SLOW streaming, SLOW searching, SLOW going to next page...WTF is going on Viki???

Hi Viki,

I'd had to say, I am very disappointed in your services.  You guys were awesome back in the days when the videos were free.  I didn't mind.  You now want us to pay if we don't want to see adds every other seconds.  I opt-in to paying a small fee.  This I didn't mind.  Up to until recently, your site, streaming, and watching the videos were fine.

Last two month leading up to recent now...I'm starting to notices your services are awful as follow:
1) SLOW streaming on browsers, I thought it may be because of compatibilities due to software upgrades and etc.  NOPE, IE, Chrome, and FireFox, all experiences SLOW STREAMING.
2) SLOW searching/paging through the videos.  This process FELT like back in 1995 and you have dial-up internet.  THAT's HOW SLOW this ridiculous process looks to me.

Please fix this.  Are you guys going to be doing the same thing as DramaFever?  If so, please let your audience and fans know.  Suddenly your services is crappy.  Feels like something isn't right, a change in ownderships or it feels like you're going to abandon your clients/fans.

Thank you!



  • Hi there!

    We're sorry to read this! We do understand how this is frustrating. Our engineers are working on a fix at the moment and we assure that we're not going to abandon our Viki community! 

    I've already reached out to you via email so that we can attain more information in hopes to resolve this sooner for you.

    We do hope to resolve this as soon as possible.



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