[Closed] Timed comments fall out of sync

When I'm watching, timed comments for each episode start out okay, and a few minutes later they will lag as far as several episodes back, so all I see are comments about things from previous episodes(and it wont fix itself, I have to restart, and it only helps for a minute), at times I will see the same comments come by again, even my own, on different episodes. I've restarted close to 50 times, it's been happening for a few days now. Happens on both my ipad and android phone.


  • Hi there,

    Thank you for writing in to us.

    I'm sorry that you're experiencing this issue on the Viki app.

    Could you first please try the following:

    1. Log out from the Viki app
    2. Delete and Reinstall the Viki app
    3. Log back in to Viki

    If this does not help resolve the issue, could you please provide us with the following helpful information:

    1. Does this occur on all shows? If not, please let me know the specific shows and episodes you're having problems with (ex. "Chicago Typewriter" Episode 2)
    2. What version of the Viki app are you using? You can find it on the app settings.
    3. What's your device and Operating System?
    4. Screenshot of the issue or the error message you see.

    We look forward to helping you soon!


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  • per favore cercate di essere piu in sincronia con i sottotitoli,sono fuori tempo molte volte in molti drama

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  • Ciao francisarai_450,

    Potresti fornirci maggiori informazioni sul problema che stai affrontando?

    • Facci sapere gli spettacoli e gli episodi specifici con cui hai i sottotitoli non sincronizzati (es. "Chicago Typewriter" Episodio 2 circa 35:05)
    • Qual è il tuo dispositivo e sistema operativo?
    • Schermata del problema o del messaggio di errore che vedi. Non vediamo l'ora di aiutarti presto!


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