Viki Ideas Guidelines - Please read before posting!

Welcome to Viki Ideas!

You’re welcome to post ideas you have on how we can improve Viki. Be sure to add in the 3Ws (“what”“why”, and “where”).

All duplicate ideas will be deleted. Before posting an idea, please make sure to do a quick search to ensure that no one else has previously mentioned it before. If you find the same idea already petitioned, make sure to upvote it! 

If you’d like to see any other idea implemented, upvote it! The more upvotes an idea has, the more likely it will be prioritized.

Viki Idea Example:


What features do you want? What does it do?

Title: Create an app for my favorite Smart TV brand <insert Smart TV name here> (the title should be as direct as possible)

I love my Smart TV and I would love to see an app for Viki on it. 


Why do you want this feature? How will it improve your experience?

I only watch Viki on big screens as I'm blind as a bat. An app on my favorite Smart TV brand will help me watch Viki much more comfortably than on my tablet device. It will also make me watch it more! 


Where would this feature be located?

On my previously mentioned favorite Smart TV brand!