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I have noticed a lot latey that most of the series are not being subtitle right before the new episode come on, The grammar is very poor and alot of missed spelled words.Some time the dialogue does not make sense.  They also say the show are 100% done while there missing dialogue through the show missing. I would like Viki. to get some professional subtitler to the shows. Put them up after they have subtitled on them. It take the volunteer a long time to do one episode. For example it take one week just two to do 4 episode, By then the next four comes out. 


I know these volunteer has lives but we paid viki for their services. 


 I have also noticed that Korean show are completing done the next day once is aired. Where the volunteer for the Chinese shows take for ever to get done. 



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  • Hi there!
    We do have a paid subtitling team and we are doing our best to have them complete the subtitles as soon as possible, for as many titles :) 
    The way Viki Ideas works is that the higher the votes for an idea, the more it will be prioritized. So please look around and upvote the other ideas you see that you want implemented on Viki.
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  • please leave original language subtitle as a selection.



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