.English subtitles for My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀



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    Maybe this channel has another problem, after looking at the other languages, there are some translations as it seems, but they are not displaying either. English subtitles had to be there, because other languages such as German wouldn't be possible. The screen shot is from episode one, German subtitles are a no show, as well as French, I didn't try other languages as it seems to be the same. There is no English subtitle option at all, which usually is ... So, the root of the problem might be different.

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    Additional information from the CM, the English subtitles were faulty, in detail someone went against Viki Policy and copied the subs. The channel reached out to Viki since there was/is a restriction for the Americas and most of Ko-Eng subbers are located there to no avail. We will see what Viki will say about this drama. It wouldn't be too bad to know about the license ending, in case volunteers wouldn't been able to make the project happen. Obviously a few weeks wouldn't help to complete this drama.

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