Viki Pass Problem

I noticed after the latest updates to the site that the translation tools for the drama "Haechi" for all its episodes have not worked since yesterday, although I translated in episodes from 1 to 8 and was normal and now only this drama I have a problem with. Please fix the problem as soon as I can finish translating the episodes for fans. Thanks


Note that I have Viki Pass since 2014 and yet .




  • I have the same problem. I sing in and out as other users said, but for nothing. the problem persists. I'm also a user since 2013, and a vikipass subscriber 

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  • I think this problem is only with specific programs that are on air because the other dramas are functioning normally and are not affected. So please ask Viki to fix the problem as soon as possible :)

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  • I just paid for Viki Pass Feb. 21, 2019.  It's stating I need to pay again Why is that? 

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