My Secret, Terrius

I would like to inquire when will this drama be shown on Viki?  It states not available in my region? Why is that?   I  subscribe in Kocowa here in Viki thinking that I can watch this drama.  I normally have a separate account with Kocowa alone and thought that I just pay the one year here in Viki that includes Kocowa only to find out this is not yet available?  So my question now is why is that on the website this drama is being shown and not here in Viki?  It's the same region USA.


Thank you.





  • 1. this section is for ideas to improve viki, not to request dramas/shows, please use the request form for that, see:

    2. viki and kocowa are two different streaming providers, so viki doesn't get the licences for all dramas/shows available on kocowa

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  • so Kocowa shows included on viki inside the roku channel are not necessarily the same as kocowa website?


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  • I pay Viki to include kocowa. I also joined kocowa so I could finish watching Terius, since DramaFever left the planet. Evidently Kocowa doesn't have to give Viki "all they got". It's a money hog any way you look at it. Since Kocowa got exclusive rights, that means Viki is out too!

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