Watchlist location

Viki recently reconfigured the homepage and now the watchlist has been moved from the second row to the eighth. I access my watchlist every time I use Viki so it's really annoying having to scroll down to find it every time. I know it's a small thing but it's annoying and inconvenient. I would love to have it back on the top where it's easy to see and find, since it's one of the things people use the most.


  • I agree.  Viki, you need to move the Watchlist back to the 2nd row.  As an active viewer, the Watchlist should be at the top because I also use it to get to the new episodes.  Please put it back.

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  • I also agree.  It is really irritating to have to scroll down through 10 entries to get to my watchlist.  This is not a user friendly change to the homepage and makes it harder to watch shows. Please move the watchlist back to the top of the page.

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  • Watchlist should stay on top. Why make it inconvenient? 

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