Manually marking episodes watched

This has been a wished for feature forever. C'mon guys it's 2023 and every other streaming service let's you do this


  • I agree, please find a way to make it easier for users to see which shows we have watched from the main screen.  I created a collection but must still click on the show to show that status.

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  • I tried making a collection of the shows I have watched, but I've been watching dramas since 2009.  My list is a mile long.  It would be so helpful to have a checkmark show up on a drama that you have watched so you don't have to start watching again to figure out if you have seen it.  There are times I have made it through 3 episodes before I realize I've already seen it.  I would much rather use that time to watch a new drama.  Please, Please, Please work on this.

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