[Closed] Problems with videos not loading

Rakuten had been working great on my Asus Chromebook until several weeks ago. Now, some videos will load but most of them don't . I'm only watching the "Free" dramas since I haven't decided to commit to paying for more. Now I'm beginning to think it was good not to pay for the service. I've notified Help--I get replies--but, so far, no help and the problem continues.




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    Hi all,

    Thanks for writing in to us and we're sorry to hear you're experiencing issues watching on Viki.

    freddiegallas2002_869 & cullumcharlotte_426 - As you have an open ticket with us on the Help Center, we will be responding to you there with more troubleshooting help.

    squishy_joonie94_758 - We will respond to you on your other forum thread.

    Please help to reply in those respective areas as this post will be closed to prevent multiple requests confusion.

    Thank you!

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  • I am having the same problem I think, the ads are loading but the actual show just sits there and loads for ever! 

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  • I'm having a similar problem. Every time I watch something it's loading every few seconds! Only seems to be for shows that are over an hour long, but still, isn't happening on any other streaming sites :(


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