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[Solved] Livestream Issues

I was trying to get into the I-LAND live stream but the link that took me to it was a complete dud and didn't completely load at all. It worked last week though. Was it because I didn't get onto the live stream before it started and tried to get into it 5 minutes after it started? Please help, I really enjoy talking with other people on the stream. 


Thank you



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    Hi mezuoreceived_695, we're glad to read that you enjoy the Watch Party Live Chat. We're also sorry for what happened at the Watch Party on episode 2 of I-LAND. There were some technical issues during that Watch Party and it started an hour later than what was scheduled. 

    Rest assured that you can jump in and join a Watch Party at any time if one is ongoing. Do join us again this weekend for episode 3 of I-LAND! ☺

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