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[Closed] Upgrading from Standard to Plus

It says that I have upgraded to the Plus plan monthly, but I will not switch to the Plus plan until July 2020. I read that when upgrading that your automatically upgraded to the higher plan. Is there a way to switch it now instead of July 2020? I have emailed about this already & I am told it will take place in July. Doesn’t tell me why I can not upgrade right now. I understand downgrading a plan that you have to wait until current plan ends.


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  • Hi avigil1969,

    Thanks for writing in to us.

    To clarify, to receive your new plan benefits immediately, you will have to upgrade to a higher priced plan. 

    For instance, upgrading from a Viki Pass Standard Annual plan to a Viki Pass Plus Annual plan.

    For more details, I have also emailed you back via the Help Center. Do let me know if you have any other questions/concerns by replying there as well.


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