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[Solved] Ad wont end

The American Eagle ad won't go away! I keep trying to watch the show unsubscribed of course but every time this ad comes on it won't go away after that, it won't allow me to continue watching my show, it just stays there. There is no exit sign for it or anything, every time I click on it, it just takes me to the website, its been like this for multiple shows! Please fix this, It's getting very annoying! I try refreshing but nothing works!



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  • Hi there!

    I'm sorry that you're experiencing this issue with the American Eagle Ad. Our team is aware of it and is working on fixing it quickly.

    I forwarded all the information you provided to our engineering team and we expect to have a resolution for this problem soon. 

    In the meantime, when the ad freezes, please refresh the page and try again. 

    Hope this helps for now. Please do let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


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  • Also experiencing this problem and refreshing does not help because the ad often comes back!  Please fix asap.

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  • Same problem here. I'll refresh the same episode three or four times and get the American Eagle ad every time. 

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  • happening to me too! pls fix ty 

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  • Hi there everyone!

    Thanks for your patience with us. Our engineers have gotten back to us and the issue has been fixed. Please try to log out and log back in before trying again.

    If you continue to experience this issue, please let me know!


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