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I just canceled my subscription to Viki annoyed that it's making me pay to watch the new Korean dramas. I already paid for Viki pass, but now they are making me pay extra to get access to the other episodes. I've been a member for a long time, it's irritating to have to deal with this. If I wanted to watch dramas with kocowa then I would have paid for the subscription there rather than Viki. 








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    Hi there, 
    As Viki Ideas is meant for feature suggestions, we’ll be moving this to the Bugs & Issues page instead.
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  • This is not an idea to make Viki better, it's a complaint, so you have written it on the wrong section.

    By the way, if you don't want to watch Kocowa dramas, as you say, why pay for Vikipass plus? You can just not pay it. 

    If you are referring to My Fellow Citizens, it was a mistake on Viki's part, they apologized already on the drama's page. 

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