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[Closed] App no longer available for Kindle fire

App wouldn't update so I removed and went to re-download, and it is no longer in the app store. Amazon says it's a Viki decision, not an Amazon one.



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    Hi daynr,

    The Viki app should still be available in the Amazon App Store.

    If you're not able to see it, can you check if your Kindle Fire fulfils the criteria as listed under our supported devices:

    Amazon Kindle Fire (4th generation onwards with Fire OS 5 or higher)

    If your Kindle Fire is 4th generation onwards with Fire OS 5 or higher, but you're still having trouble seeing it in the App Store, please let me know.


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  • I get the message the app is no longer supported with kindle fire.

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  • Hi jaasea012_832

    We have ceased support to the Viki app on Amazon Kindle Fire devices on July 1st, 2019.

    The Viki app will no longer be available for download on the Amazon App Store on Kindle Fire devices and issues encountered on the app will no longer be supported by our developers. 

    We‘ll continue to support the Viki app for Amazon Fire TV which will be available for download on the Amazon App Store. 

    You can enjoy Viki from your iOS or Android devices or any of our supported apps listed here

    Hope this clarifies!


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