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[Solved] Binge?

I just started a new drama and now it says that in 8 days I will need a Viki Pass to continue watching it. Why after all this time of this drama being out (several years I think) would they randomly decide to make it accessible only through Viki Pass? Does this happen to a lot of dramas, and if so, why?



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    Hi tainagomez13,

    When licensing shows from content providers, content providers can decide when, where, and how they want to license a title. Sassy Go Go is one such title which we are only able to make free for all for a given period of time before it returns to our Viki Pass Plus offering.

    The Binge tag you're seeing is to give users a heads up before this happens. You can also learn more about Binge here.


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  • Hi there tainagomez13, 

    Thanks for raising this up. Could you please let me know where or on which content you're seeing this? 

    Thanks again, 


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  • On all the episodes of Sassy Go Go it says that they will be going to Viki Pass Plus. 

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