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    Hey guys,

    Thanks so much for your feedback about the new "Next Episode" screen.

    We read through your feedback and are looking into ways we can improve it so that the screen so that it will be less disruptive.


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    Oh, it's SO ANNOYING that it deserves some all caps. 

    • Obfuscates the last moments of the preview
    • Occupies the whole screen
    • Cannot be turned off (you click the X and it comes back again)
    • Encourages people to write reviews after only one or two episodes
    • There is no option to never have it


    Take it away, viki people!

    We have asked for very important things like making the Volunteer finder more useful, our inbox more manageable, this section less arid and disorganized with all types of stuff jumbled up and Spartan formatting and editing tools, and instead, you come up with THIS?


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    It's terrible.  Please get rid of it, or add time at the end for it to be seen before the next episode begins to load.  

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    perhaps a good idea badly executed, please let developers know the whole screen is totally not good, perhaps in a smaller window, like picture in a picture and it should be only at the "very end" of the video not before it ends, while the video still runs. Even when I click the X it comes back again.... :(

    I truly think there should be a Beta test/run when you come out with something totally new and have it among viewers tested before final launch..... just my thought it takes really the pleasure watching dramas away because it's annoying :(

    I'm still hoping for a more user friendly email box, not this 2 and half lines....  mini box, merci  Viki :)

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    I really dont like it. when binge watching something that doesnt have credits( like I am now)  it obscures the last few lines of the dialogue and it breaks up the last few moments of the episode. It would be okay if it was something that we had the option of doing. Since I am sure not everyone dislikes it. 

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    there are further comments also in the Discussions forum:

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    I dislike previews, so the issue never bothered me, but it seems to be fixed now. The prompt appears at the very end with only a 2 second countdown before transitioning to the next episode. 

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    I am glad the function "Autoplay" is still available, so the new change with the small window showing at the end is okay, as I only chose "Autoplay", when I have time for binge-watching.

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    @Kristie, I still got 3 seconds left when the screen popped up, I get really upset since it prevents to see the end of a preview of next episode. What were developers thinking from the viewers perspective??? I feel this topic in NOT answered.

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    I agree with a lot of previous posts. I think auto playing the next episode is a good idea, just the execution of it is the problem. I feel that it should definitely come at the end of previews and not over them. By the time I click the X, I've missed most of the preview, have to click back, and sometimes the screen is blocked again (sometimes not, I don't know how that happens). I could've watched the preview 3 or 4 times in that time. Most streaming sites do it that way, whether it's a small box in a corner, or the episode ends and there is a screen with a countdown to the next episode.  I also attempted to turn off Autoplay to see if this would solve the problem, but it doesn't.

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