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[Solved] Getting kicked off Viki app on Roku back to main Roku home page

I don't think I can log out of viki bcs it wont let me stay there more than a few seconds. I'd rather not reset the whole roku device unless I have to bcs then I have to re-install all the other apps. I'll do that as a last resort. Is anyone else having this issue?



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  • Same problem. If we miss a month of viewing is our scrip extended? Because right now I'm paying for nothing. 

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  • Hi @rdavis380_493, @harrisogajeff_703, @lgcolin_889, @msgmtj_134, @opichi,

    We've released a fix for the issue with the Roku app.

    To fix it, please take the following steps:

    1. Go to your Roku Settings > System System Update
    2. Click Check Now
    3. This will update your Viki Roku app to the latest version we just released that contains the fix to the issue

    If you continue to experience any problems or have any other questions or concerns, please let me know!


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