"categories" confusion and better genre list

On my laptop I can only see the first few Genres; from Rom Com to Fantasy.  There is no way to scroll further down for additional genre choices. On my iPhone I am able to choose "All genre" and then scroll through a pop-up menu and find all the choices. I'm also able to select other categories like language and region.  None of these option are accessible on the computer interface site.

I then realized that if I click the all button way at the bottom they come up like Netflix.  I don't like this.  Honestly I was confused and thought it was all the shows.  Can you consider a larger list unger genre or something more like you have on the app where there are buttons with the genres and not some preview window and I have to scroll forever. 

Frankly the older site way worked fine and was easy to use. You don't need to "fix" what wasn't broken. 



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