Viki App on Samsung TV

I haven’t watched anything on Viki for a very long time since it is not an app on my Samsung TV. Which means I’m paying subscription for no reason! Please don’t reply “it’s my prerogative”! Telling Viki members to use Apple, FireStick or some other additional streaming device to do so cost additional monies unless already owned is ludicrous. Not a good resolution to an outdated unreasonable problem. If this was available before, I am having problems with its discontinuation. I have been a paid subscriber for years & it is a disservice to viewers like me, I am wasting resources. But I guess I could always discontinue my subscription like Viki discontinued TV App. Please explain why Viki App’s unavailability on TVs makes any valid sense to members like me. [Restrictive “Topic Title” to prevent real issues with Viki]. Wish “Drama Fever” was still around. It was the BEST!


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