[Closed] Bring back the old homepage

I hate what has been done to the homepage. It is impossible to navigate. The old system was great. Bring it back.



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    Hi all,

    Our team is aware of the feedback from the new Roku Channel update. Do follow this post for updates as this duplicate topic would be closed.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.


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  • I agree! No longer able to query by genre or country? Am I missing something? If someone has an answer please let me know. Also don’t care for front page. Too much potato and not enough meet. In other words you have to do more work to get the equivalent information from the prior version of the format.

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  • My vicki screen is has changed...  No longer options of countries...Is this my tv or new format?  If new format, I will not renew in Feb 22.

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  • Hi Everyone,

    We're sorry that you're experiencing this issue. Our team is aware of it and will be looking into it as soon as they can.

    We forwarded all the information you provided to our engineering team and we expect to have a resolution for this problem when possible.

    Hope this helps for now. Please do let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


    Thank you,


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