After finished Series Marked it as watched

When you finished a series mark it as watched or manually mark it as watched/unwatched It keeps All the lists clean in wat you already have watch when you are searching or scrolling for new series to watch. Now you can't see if you have seen a series 4 years ago. A easy mark of watched resolve this problem. Standard on every place where you look or search for series windows/website/app as long as you see a or scroll thru series you directly can see if you already watched it or not.


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  • This feature would be very useful. I have many shows that I have already watched still in my watch list folder. And I need a way to mark as watched or a way to archive or filter out shows already watched.

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  • Please find a way to make it easier for users to see which shows we have watched from the main screen.  I created a collection but must still click on the show to show that status.

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