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Perhaps am asking too much, but can some, even fans be allowed to translate reviews into any language?? There r a lot of long reviews in different languages and I would it for hrs, trying to translate it . Can you make a way, any way ? PLZ, PLZ, PLZ🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


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  • Hey 4bqkjgxm5r_14, thanks for the idea! 💡 We'll make a note of the interest for future development of our contributor community. 

    P.S. We've moved your post to Viki Ideas, where other users can upvote your suggestion if it resonates with them. 

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  • Won't allowing fans to translate reviews pose a lot of problems? The function can be misused a LOT. Adding a AI Translate addin(like the ones on LYSN/Instagram) would be safer and more efficient.

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