Viki Shows ( Make this make sense to me)

Make this make sense to me. I see so many Viki shows that were open to the cheaper subscription now locked for the more expensive subscription. I am sure some of these shows might have also been accessible to some watching for free ( Using the word might there with advertising )

I sometimes switch between paying for plus and just standard. But what exactly is the reason for locking certain previous shows available to standard using only to plus now? I need someone to make this make sense to me.

Is this all about money or some other valid good reason because even if the standard payment is cheaper it is still a system of payment and its users deserve some show of understanding.

I went to watch a show that was always available and now realize when with my standard payment I can't even watch it anymore.



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  • I think it’s because many of the older Dramas were Licensed BEFORE the KOCOWA Platform was created and all the Broadcasters who owned the Dramas were individually making Contracts with Viki. Regional Licenses DO NOT LADY FOREVER. Once the Original Contract expires Viki has to renegotiate New Contracts. Most, NOT All of Korean Dramas are now owned by the KOCOWA entity so Viki has to renew the Contracts with them. Viki doesn’t own the Dramas the Owners do and Viki has to follow whatever the Content Owner puts in the Contract. Viki tried to negotiate the best contract it can for all of us, but the Owners usually have the final say. Or at least that’s my understanding of the situation. It’s a case of NEW OWNER = NEW CONTRACT.

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  • Where can I read up on this information because I would really like to understand more about it and what it has to do with providing less to also paying subscribers unless they pay the higher fees.

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