1) I would like to see if VIKI can include the Number of Episodes on the About description of Title show. So I would be able to expect how many episodes to look forward to watching instead of having to research information about Title show. (Example: "My Unicorn Girl" it notates Broadcast period however NO mention of Episodes for the show ( I have observed this on other sites that have mentioned this on there description section)
2) Also When is he next available date example: Sept. 16 instead of in 3 days.

Overall, I want to mention is that Your website that I had scribe to was my First and kept my monthly paid subscription because I still using this site.




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  • Excellent ideas, both!  For volunteers too, your first idea will be very handy, because when we apply to volunteer for an upcoming show, we want to be able to know for how many episodes we are willing to commit. For instance some people don't want a 50-episode drama. 

    As for the second, given the fact that we are from all over the world, from different time-zones, saying that something will come "tomorrow" or "today" can be confusing, because your tomorrow might be my today.  

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  • I have another suggestion.

    On the About page (or on a separate tab) - could links be placed for other versions of the show that are on Viki... I believe this will make the site much more 'sticky'.

    For example - I had watched 'Fated to Love You' (Taiwan 2009) on another platform and while I was looking around here on Viki I came across a Japanese version that was called 'You are my Destiny'. I was intrigued so I watched that version. Afterwards I read the comments and noticed someone remarked about more versions of the series. I confirmed on Wikipedia about the different versions and their names [side note: Wikipedia, oddly, did NOT list the Japanese version] - then, with the lightbulb glowing above my head, I decided to search Viki and it hit on what was available on Viki (the original Taiwanese version, the Japanese version, a Mainland China version, and a Korean version - it's missing the Thai version). I have since watched the Mainland China version (the best so far - better than the original) and will get to the Korean version soon enough.

    As we all know, hits in one market are soon adapted/replicated in other markets and 'classics' are remade all the time. A listing of adaptions and/or other versions would be a boon to the viewership on Viki.

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