Watchlist on TV or the old follow button on desktop


I already made a thread on the Community Forum but I thought I could add one here.

So a feature I'd like to see is either the Watchlist on the TV apps (FireTV for me), because you can't see it in the app right now.

The other thing is to maybe add the follow button back to the desktop site because since the new design came I'm not able to follow shows that aren't currently airing anymore. But since you can only see your following shows on the TV App I need to put them on following in order to watch them.

So I'd need the old follow button back to access the shows that I want to watch on my TV and make myself a collection of the shows I'm looking forward to watch.



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    Hi there!

    Glad to let you know that you can find your Watch List on your Fire TV now :) 

    We're hoping to add the feature to add shows to your Watch List from your Connected TV soon. 


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