Four Improvements for the Roku app/channel

There are some things that will make the Roku experience much better for Viki. The Roku is my primary method to watch (followed by PC, then mobile) and the Roku app is lacking in several ways as compared to the others:

1) Line breaks in captions/subtitles. Everything is one line unless it wraps naturally. As a result, items that should be on two lines (e.g., interrupted dialogue or manual breaks between words) run together, often without a space. This makes reading captions awkward.
2) Unicode support. Some symbols (music notes, ampersands, etc.) render as blank boxes or HTML character codes.
3) Enter-to-resume. When skipping around in an episode or movie, you cannot press "enter" or "OK" to resume playback on the Roku. You *must* press "Play/Pause" and this is an awkward and un-intuitive movement on the remote.
4) Long-press seek/scrub support. On the Roku, all advances or reverses occur in 10-second increments, no matter what. If you want to seek a long distance, it takes a very long time. Pressing and holding should accelerate the seek activity (akin to Youtube or Netflix), or the seek rate should be selectable for making long moves.



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