[Solved] 100% subbed but not really

Love naggers 3 episode 32 is 100% subbed eng but the subbing COMPLETELY stops at 56:11, 10 minutes before the end. I watch almost an hour of a show without being able to see the end. This is happening using both roku & iphone. Love naggers 3 is usually subbed about a day after release. It is now almost a week without correction. Also viki support has not responded.


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    Hi mariegael_390, this issue has been fixed. :) You can now resume watching the episode with full English subtitles. Thank you for bearing with us! 

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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for highlighting this subtitle issue to us!

    Our team will be looking into it and we will get back to you once there are any updates.

    As we're not able to provide an estimated date for the fix now, we also suggest watching other titles before coming back to this in the future.

    We appreciate your patience in this matter.


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