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Please give us an option to edit our own list of collections so we can organize them. I have over 170 shows on my list and it is difficult to view them unorganized, specially when I am looking for a show on my list. Here are my suggestions for editing or sorting our own lists:
-alphabetically (this would be very helpful)
-oldest first
-newest first
-highest rated by fans
-lowest rated by fans
-most liked to least liked by subscriber
I am sure there are plenty of subscribers who would like to have the option of sorting their collections in different ways so I am hoping that you can add this feature to Viki.com and Viki app.

Also, only a handful of people know about Viki Ideas.  People can't vote on an idea if they are not aware that this page exists.  Please put a direct link on you homepage so people can go to this page to vote.



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  • I've been wanting to sort my lists, too. it's cumbersome to look thru the entire list to look for a show.

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  • Is there any future plans to include this feature??

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