[Solved] Can I use subtitles to make subitles in another language ?

I´ve been using VIKI for quite a long time now and i really want to help subtitling.

My only problem is that I only speak English and German so I don´t know if I can add german subtitles based on the english ones.

Would it be possible ? 



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  • Hello!


    Sure, you can! Most subtitles on Viki are brought by volunteers that are fans just like you and me!

    If you want to begin subtitling, first you can ask by:


    1/ posting on this forum here: https://discussions.viki.com/t/want-to-subtitle-let-people-know/33

    2/ creating your own topic here: https://discussions.viki.com/


    3/ contacting directly the German moderator in charge of recruiting German subbers on a drama you're interested in and that is licensed in your living zone (check first if the subs in German are not complete before asking).

    How to contact the German moderator?

    Feel free to ask German moderators what dramas you can help with.

    If you see no German moderator, you can contact the channel manager.


    4/ You will find more info on "How to contribute?" here.


    Thanks for wanting to help and welcome to Viki community of volunteers!

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