Improvements to the Android TV app

1. Update the recommended content on the home screen channel more often. 

2. Add support for video preview of series and movies directly on the home screen so that you can get a preview of the content before you start playing it. Link for API documentation 

3. Improve sync for Watch Next, as it is today you would watch the series on different devices, it would not be updated on all devices, and if you format TV, the epesiode will not be put back on the home screen again without having to manually enter the viki app to start playing the epesiode and play where you were, which can be difficult to remember as play next row is normally the way that you remember which series you look at different services, when the service already exists, this needs to be resolved in backend to your databases so it is updated correctly.

4. Add support for Google Home for video controll frome you voice assistans like Netflix, Youtube etc have, link for Google Home Action on Google service

5. Update subtitle faster some epesiode of the web say it has 100% completion but on Android TV the same epesiode can say that it is only 24% complete.

6. make it possible to choose first hand and second hand subtitle so if first hand subtitle does not exist then the second hands subtitle jumps in. 

7. Manage seasons better each TV Series should have only one TV Series pack on the entire site or app, and instead run

Season 1
During echo season you show echo episode when the last episode is played its automatic start play season 2 episode 1
Season 2
Season 3

This would be easer to know if the TV Show you watch have more season direclty rater try search for a season 2 page, but also make it easer to autoplay next season and first epesiode after last epesiode frome first season is over, its allso make it easer just follow the show rater the season and get notice if a new season get release to the follow show. 
8. Improve login as well, so you do not have to log in as often in the Android TV app you are automatically logged out times from times would be good if they remember that you have been logged in.


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