Video Cropping in Viki Mobile App

Please add a cropping feature to the mobile app, like YouTube has. A lot of dramas are now shot in the 18x9 resolution standard, which is great, but Viki adds letterboxes to these videos. This makes the videos unbearably small on mobile screens. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note and still can't enjoy watching recent dramas because of this.




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  • Hi there!
    Thanks so much for suggesting this! We do hope that we can implement this in the near future.
    The way Viki Ideas works is that the higher the votes for an idea, the more it will be prioritized. So please look around and upvote the other ideas you see that you want implemented on Viki.
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  • I agree. Been waiting for this option for so long and still don't have it. iPhones are able to though. Just not android for some reason.

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