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I have noticed that many shows are now going by a different title. It would be extremely helpful if the older titles were linked in the search engine. One example is Arang and the Magistrate is now being called Tales of Arang. This one is easy enough to find. But there are others that the name has completely changed.



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  • Hi there!
    Thanks so much for suggesting this! We do hope that we can implement this in the near future.
    The way Viki Ideas works is that the higher the votes for an idea, the more it will be prioritized. So please look around and upvote the other ideas you see that you want implemented on Viki.
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  • Absolutely! And Viki has this habit of making a title different than everywhere else, so sometimes it's hard to find. 

    The truth is that in part what you ask is already there. 

    For instance, every time I search for Misaeng I get the suggestion for Incomplete Life (its title here at Viki). And it's not even a word in the new title (whereas if you search for Arang the new title also contains that word)


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  • I miss so many dramas b/c I hear of them under other names from Youtube videos, from friends and from Facebook groups. I try to find all of the dramas and none of them are on Viki. I have a friend who lives in Korea and she said it's b/c of the different way that Viki changes the titles. I don't know who changes the titles but as an example, one of my favorite drama's of all time was Goblin. Here on Viki it's titled "Guardian" and the great God or something like that. In this instance I did find it by searching Goblin, but usually I can't find any of the drams that I search. I have to instead watch the first episode of each drama to see if the stars I'm looking for are in it. Where can I vote on something like the title changes? 



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  • Me too I like watching Viki drama  love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍💕💕💕💕

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