Adding an Inbox on the Viki app.


What? Inbox on the Viki app. 

Vikians using the viki app can check messages on the go when they don't have a computer/other devices to check it on the website.


1. Volunteer team members, CM, Mods, segmenters, and subbers can comunicate communications can be more faster and more efficient. I receive viki PM notifications on my personal email but I can't respond back because I rarely have my laptop with me when I'm at school and work and I finish pretty late so my responses are usually 1-2 days after. I always have my phone with me and I check the viki app on my lunch break and it would be more convenient if I could check my PMs and send a quick response.

2. Most Viki users only use the app and they don't know anything about the volunteering side of Viki. A lot CMs send messages to the fans about the progress of the show's segments and subtitles but most people don't get to see them.

3. This reason and #2 are closly related. Comments about Viki pass and complains about lack of subs would decrease is if Viki users are able to access their inbox through the Viki app and receive the messages from the CMs.

Where? On the viki app at the "Me" tab. above the "watch later" and "reviews"


Thank You. 



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    Hi there!
    Thanks so much for suggesting this! We do hope that we can implement this in the near future.
    The way Viki Ideas works is that the higher the votes for an idea, the more it will be prioritized. So please look around and upvote the other ideas you see that you want implemented on Viki.
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